Case Study – Reviv

REVIV began in 2011 when four physicians with a combined 40 years of clinical experience came together with a common thought to bring IV therapies to a private spa like setting, making them easily accessible and affordable to everyone

REVIV’s founding principles were to be the best in the emerging industry by being leaders in the research and development of IV infusion and by having the best trained and certified medical staff. They fast became the global leader in Vitamin Wellness Infusion and Booster Shots and continue to expand worldwide with new Flagship & Express locations opening at pace.

In addition to establishing their own Flagship clinics REVIV offers partner franchisees the opportunity to set up their own Flagship clinic or to offer REVIV therapies from an existing clinic or spa (termed as REVIV Express. All partners receive comprehensive technical, commercial and operational support from the REVIV Global team, with training and certification by Medical experts. With over 80 global locations across 6 continents REVIV are expanding at a rapid rate.


Cloudtrainer was approached by REVIV Global Commercial Director Julia Couzens and asked to provide a Learning management system (LMS) with the flexibility and functionality to support roll out of REVIV’s program of training and development.

Our three primary goals;
1: Create a register of REVIV medical professionals around the globe
2: Manage the consistency of training standards globally
3: Audit and Report on training status in one central hub

REVIV were assigned a dedicated Cloudtrainer account manager who guided them through each stage of taking their plans online. We analysed existing processes and set about creating what was to become a white labelled version of Cloudtrainer
–  THE REVIV ACADEMY was born!

Our first steps were to put an onboarding process for new starters in place and then in parallel start building a database of existing medical staff and IV Practitioners from all UK and Global clinics.

REVIV required a phased approach to the onboarding element to give REVIV to control of the flow of information available to trainees and enable a smooth roll out of their academy from day one. Within the onboarding process it was important that REVIV had the option to create and set varied tasks for their team which would include;
1: Downloading and upload of documents
2: Completing online tests
3: Accessing online training modules
4: Reading documents
5: Proving understanding and acknowledgement of information via The REVIV Academy

We added Cloudtrainer’s Coursebuilder feature to REVIV ACADEMY which enabled REVIV to create an online course for themselves where the system automatically scores, then passes or fails the trainee accordingly.
The flexibility of Cloudtrainer allows a leadership hierarchy which enables team leaders to view multiple teams right from their dashboard at the same time as having a top level management team with access to all teams and areas within the REVIV portfolio.
Cloudtrainer also supplied Branded Support material for global use by REVIV.
It was important for REVIV team members to bring their qualification history with them and not have to re-input data, so onboarding was tweaked to accommodate this as can be done for any organisation that is currently using another LMS or training database
So… with just a few simple login steps for each new user to complete we went live with REVIV ACADEMY

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