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We helped WISE deliver a 'train the trainer program' to 7000 trainers.

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Together We Can Make a Difference

We’re extremely proud to be supporters of and to continue to work in partnership with, the WISE Campaign since 2017.

WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) commissioned us to help them take their then, PEOPLE LIKE ME, now MY SKILLS MY LIFE program digital. Allowing them to deliver a train the trainer program to 7000 trainers with the ultimate aim of reaching 200,000 girls to get them interested in STEM careers.

Here’s a little taster of the video we produced for WISE about MY SKILLS MY LIFE

The Scope for the LMS 

The LMS needed to be flexible, to reflect the organisation's structure and have different levels of access for management and learners. They also needed a way to track user numbers and to collect data from the ‘in person’ sessions that the trainers would ultimately deliver.

The Cloudtrainer LMS was the perfect platform and has evolved alongside the project's own evolution. WISE required certain features to make learning and, importantly for them, passing on that knowledge to girls, easy. Here are how they used some of Cloudtrainer’s LMS features:

Learning Catalogue

A sort of online library where they store and provide access to all their resources, pdfs, logos, videos, etc. All available to download when and where the trainers needed them.

Learning Plans

WISE needed a way to tag an online course as a prerequisite of another enabling a sequential learning experience. Once a module has been passed it effectively unlocks the next. 

The other benefit of the Learning Plan was it allowed for efficient assigning of courses and material.

Training Course Allocation Types

We support WISE with many projects and they’re all delivered slightly differently with different funding options. The Cloudtrainer LMS supports this with its flexible approach to licence types. For WISE they utilised free at point of use, first come first served and individually allocated.

Learner Groups

Learners were sorted into deliverer groups, enabling more efficient and targeted dissemination of learning materials.

Learner Profiles

It was important for WISE that learners take ownership of their development and had an individual profile page that they could update, access courses & material and keep track of their own progress.

Integration with other Internal Systems

We work alongside WISE and their strategic partners to provide a seamless training experience. This included the sharing of data via an api with external platforms.

Bespoke Data Collection

Inline with GDPR we developed a bespoke registration form for WISE learners to fill in on first login. 

External Payment Options

WISE wanted to look at integrations with online payment providers as a way to take their payment process online.


We wanted to create a platform to train STEM ambassadors delivering outreach in schools. WISE is a community interest company and the aim of the project was to provide a training platform for STEM ambassadors around the UK to gain skills, training and advice on how to run outreach sessions in schools.
After researching the market we came across Cloudtrainer. A very professional company that took the time to understand our needs. They fully understood the objective we were wanting to achieve. We worked with them throughout the process and they made sure the end product met all our requirements.
Working with Cloudtrainer allowed us to maximise the outputs for the platform. They ensured the training platform was easy to use for the end user as well as the content management system that was managed in-house. They provided hands on support throughout the process and their skills, expertise and experience ensured the platform was as huge success. We have trained 1000’s of individuals across the UK. This in turn has led to more young people being aware of career options available to them.
The service was professional and personal. The team is friendly and supportive and helped us understand the technology to ensure we received the best product. The service they provide is excellent and the team is a joy to work with.

Shagufta Sharif, Inclusion Lead, WISE

The Training Courses

To kick off the production we started with a script. Each course was scripted for an e-learning experience and to really understand that experience we went along to a classroom version of the ‘train the trainer’ course to get a feel for how people we’re taking the information on.

We decided to use a presenter to bring the content to life who, at points, interacts with the learner, it was a key element to the day and we didn’t want to lose that. We recreated a lot of the activities from the classroom and re-engineered them to work online and individually, rather than in groups.

We used interactivity to help reinforce key areas of learning such as gender stereotypes and include ‘real life’ activities on screen where we can so that the user gets a feel for how to present in a real environment. These activities were image based and helped to reinforce messages about stereotypes and unconscious bias. We also used animation and motion graphics to keep the user entertained and engaged.

Quizzes were included throughout to check understanding and ensure a level of competency to progress to the next course.

Other projects we’ve supported with WISE

The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851

The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 is a permanent body ‘to increase the means of industrial education and extend the influence of science and art upon productive industry’. WISE was awarded the 1851 Special Award which allowed us to create a brand new training platform for STEM Ambassadors that includes training on unconscious bias and on how to deliver My Skills My Life successfully. 

Ten Steps

Production of video based learning resources for their 10 Steps Program.

Cloudtrainer have been fantastic to work with over the past few years. They have supported WISE in the development and maintenance of our ‘My Skills My Life’ training platform – allowing thousands of ambassadors across the UK to take our resource into schools and inspire the next generation of STEM professionals. They work collaboratively with you to ensure the best and most effective service possible. Queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently. It’s been a pleasure to work with them, and I hope to again in the future.

Katherine Watson, Development Manager, WISE

Course production

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