About us

Everything we do is about making online learning easier

For fifteen years we’ve been powering the learning of some of the biggest organisations in the world.

Now we’re here offering you the same immersive online learning experiences and powerful systems to support your people.

Everything we do is about making online learning and learning management easier and more effective and our clients choose us for a number of reasons:

Making it easy

Putting any learning programme into effect is hard enough so we’re committed to making every learning interaction easy.

We provide a system that’s easy to use, content that’s easy to understand and all delivered in a way that makes it as easy as possible for your learners.

Here for you

From script development through to helping people access their system, we make sure every person is given the support they need.

Say goodbye to automated email responses and hello to real, jargon free, human conversations.

Beautiful, immersive learning

Our video production background is at the heart of creating beautiful, immersive and engaging learning experiences.

Our courses go beyond slide decks with voice-over; providing classroom replacement or blended learning and all powered by our proven technology.

Small enough to care, big enough to make a difference

We work in partnership with our clients to make sure our courses and systems deliver the results they actually need.

From developing new technologies to creating new features, we are passionate about making it easy for your people to learn effectively.

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Meet the team

Photo of Catherine Bardsley

Catherine Bardsley


With a background in creative technologies and a passion for education.

Simon Edwards - Head of development

Simon Edwards

Head of Development

Knitting all the bits and pieces together and keeping it all ticking.

Daniel Crake - Head of customer experience

Daniel Crake

Head of Customer Experience

Looking after you and your team.

Customer testimonials

"The Cloudtrainer team are always supportive when we have queries, no challenge we have presented has been too great for them to overcome. Always offering helpful and practical solutions to our development needs.”

Charlotte Osbourne

Training and Education Manager, British Dressage

"I’d always been sceptical about online learning but what they have provided delivers so much more than traditional training."

Craig Barker

Asbestos Manager, Marks and Spencer

"Cloudtrainer have been fantastic to work with over the past few years. They work collaboratively with you to ensure the best and most effective service possible. Queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently. It’s been a pleasure to work with them"

Katherine Watson

Development Manager, WISE

"When someone buys into what we’re trying to do and they bring the enthusiasm back and you see the quality of work they’re producing as well that’s quite inspirational so what we managed to have was two companies that were really trying to do a good job and actually working towards a common goal."

Colin Smart

Senior Partner, TSG Associates

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Looking for a bespoke course?

We're experts in helping organisations build online training courses for their people. We can also customise our ready-to-go e-learning courses to match your brand.

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