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Affordable, scalable & easy learning management for your organisation

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Access anywhere, any time

From home, from work and everywhere in between. As long as they can access the internet the training will be available at a time that suits them and with no need to travel; Cloudtrainer brings the training to them.

Reduce the cost of training

 There are no hidden costs to a Cloudtrainer course and we’ve proven that our training can cost up to 80% less than an equivalent classroom course. You can train your people for less with Cloudtrainer.

Less time to train

No travelling to a training centre and no delays while being trained; Cloudtrainer courses can deliver the same high quality training experience you’re people are used to in up to 50% less time.

Always up to date

Cloudtrainer are constantly reviewing and updating our courses to give your people the most up to date information. As they take the training when they need it (rather than when the training is scheduled for delivery) you can be confident that your people have the most current information with Cloudtrainer.

Reduce your paperwork

Just watching a training DVD requires paperwork to demonstrate learning competency, prove attendance and, ultimately, certify understanding. Not to mention managerial time to make sure the training happens. All of these tasks are completed automatically through our unique learning system; virtually eliminating the need for training administration.

More engaging training

A lot of online training courses recreate classroom based “PowerPoint” training but at Cloudtrainer, we have completely redesigned the way training courses are delivered combining high definition video, on-screen presenters, 3D environments and interactive tests. Use Cloudtrainer to deliver more engaging training content that improves results.

Train at their own pace

Every individual can train at a pace that suits them and can review any content their not sure of quickly and easily. This ‘learner-centred’ approach helps them to learn more, more quickly; you can deliver better learning outcomes for your people with Cloudtrainer.

More consistent learning

With Cloudtrainer, you can be confident that all of your people will receive exactly the same high quality learning experience and, as our system tracks their engagement with the training, you can be sure that there are learning more with Cloudtrainer.

Retain more information

Because our system engages trainees in all three of the recommended learning approaches (see, hear and do) your people will retain more of what they’ve learned with Cloudtrainer.

Prove knowledge and understanding

The Cloudtrainer system uses many different ways to test competency; from straight-forward questions to fully interactive 3D environments, we apply the most appropriate test to help your people prove their understanding.

Reduce the impact of training

From not needing to train your staff in groups to not needing to travel, using Cloudtrainer will reduce the impact while delivering higher quality training to your people.

Practice new skills safely

Cloudtrainer’s interactive approach to online learning allows trainees to interact with an environment or scenario in a controlled way; allowing them to make mistakes and explore in complete safety.