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CLOUDTRAINER: Online learning & development platform


Affordable, scalable & easy learning management for your organisation

TheCloudtrainer journey began in 2008 when a unique online challenge was presented to our, then web and video production company to deliver highly complex, very important training to thousands of paramedics worldwide in a new and innovative way. We relish challenges and undertook the brief to train first responder services globally in multiple casualty incidents.

To this day we’re still growing the platform known as D-Net and are providing training to first responders across the UK, USA, Australasia, the Middle East and beyond. We are very proud of the continued success of our system and have produced revolutionary training systems for other areas and businesses globally since then. All the while maintaining our core value, that everything we do must be engaging, interesting and simple to use. That’s how we produce quality learning experiences.

It’s our mission to revolutionise online learning and bring effective training to all who need it whether their businesses are large or small. Cloudtrainer deliver high quality, cost effective training and we want those who sit our courses to really engage and enjoy what they learn Cloudtrainer courses are fully interactive and include ‘real life’ activities to allow the user to practice new skills in a safe environment.

OUR classroom replacement, online training works for everybody; saving company owners time, money and hassle while giving trainees a better learning experience that they actually enjoy while giving the user a tailored experience that matches their learning style and pace. It’s also really important to us that effective online learning is accessible to everyone; it is not something that only “big business” should be able to buy as we passionately believe that good training should be available to all.

We’re now working with thousands of businesses across the UK to make learning and learning management easier and more cost effective. From M&S to one man bands, We make learning easy.