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CLOUDTRAINER: Online learning & development platform


Affordable, scalable & easy learning management for your organisation

At Cloudtrainer, we are passionate about bringing cost effective learning and learning management within reach of every business.

We work with thousands of businesses ranging from 1-man-bands to large multinationals and some of the organisations using our training and systems for their people are shown below:

“I’d always been sceptical about online learning but what they provide delivers so much more than traditional training; giving me absolute confidence that people have learned what they need to before they go on site. We are committed to quality at M&S and Cloudtrainer are a genuine partner in helping us to deliver safer construction programmes around the world.” Craig Barker, Asbestos Manager, M&S

Craig Barker, M&S

TSG are involved in developing products that will actually help injured and ill people in pre hospital environments.

A lot of our products are focused on multiple casualty care and we also do very specific products that are designed for the rescue personnel to actually treat individuals and seriously ill personnel as well.

Basically we want Cloudtrainer Ltd firstly to supply the right skills for the role that we needed. We needed to make sure they could actually do the job and I think if you see the finished product that they’ve done for us that really answers itself. They’ve definitely got the skill base that we needed.

The second thing we needed is that they had to buy into our culture; they had to really understand that there was a real reason for doing this training. There is a real serious need to give people the right skills and to make them competent and confident in this.

So Cloudtrainer had to really buy into this and really work quite closely with us to make sure the detail was right but they also got our passion for the subject across in their work as well because that’s hugely important because this is a real life skill that we’re teaching so they had to have the right skill base, the actual technical ability to do it, without question they’ve got that but the more difficult thing was could they buy into our culture and could they really take our enthusiasm and put that through how they did the training and I think without question when you see the finished product they’ve done that as well. So that was the brief, two main points and i think they’ve achieved them absolutely 100%.

What was the experience like….motivational I think, because when someone buys into what  we’re trying to do and they bring the enthusiasm back and you see the quality of work they’re producing as well that’s quite inspirational so what we managed to have was two companies that were really trying to do a good job and actually working towards a common goal. So I think we found the experience enthusiastic, we found it quite motivational to work along with them and I think that’s continuing as we see the finished product and as we work through other projects with them as well and I think very rewarding in what we’ve managed to produce.

Colin Smart, TSG