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Who needs to complete this course?

If you work for Marks & Spencer and have been contacted to sit their version of the Asbestos Awareness training you MUST access that training using the links below.


How do I access the training?

1.  Login

If you are working for M&S you will need to be registered on the Altius or Simple Compliance system.

You can access all the training requirements from here including this course.

IMPORTANT: Ensure you login to the correct system and you use your own unique username and password.  You cannot access the M&S course from the Cloudtrainer training site directly.

2. Certificates

You will need to decide whether you want to sit the no charge version of the training or upgrade to a transferable certificate.

If you sit the No Charge version of the course you Will Not receive a certificate but your user profile will be updated allowing you to work on M&S property. Without an upgrade, this course is only valid on M&S property so can’t be used anywhere else and you will not receive a certificate.

If you choose to upgrade or your employer has allocated you an upgrade you will receive an IATP approved certificate via email; the upgrade proves to other clients that you have completed an asbestos awareness course and can work on other sites.

If you choose to upgrade at a later date this option will be available to you through Altius and Simple Compliance or by contacting our team via support@cloudtrainer.co.uk

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3. Pass Mark

At the end of each learning section there will be a series of questions. You need to correctly answer 80% of the core general asbestos awareness content and 80% of the M&S specific Asbestos Awareness content respectively to pass the course.

If you score less than 80% in either of these 2 areas you will not pass the training. It is possible to score more than 80% overall but less than 80% on one of the content areas; this will result in a fail. Please ensure you take your time and review the content thoroughly to maximise your chances of passing the course.

What else do I need to know?

You will need to click on the correct link for your organisation. If you have already been migrated to Altius and provided your login you will only be able to login from their system; if you have not yet been moved over you will need to access via SimpleCompliance.

If you work for other clients you will have the option to upgrade to a transferable, IATP approved certificate that will prove that you are asbestos aware and avoid the need to sit a further training course. If you need to buy multiple licences for your organisation you may qualify for a bulk purchase discount; please get in touch with the Cloudtrainer support team if you would like to discuss this.

If you believe you have passed but the system does not show this please contact support by emailing support@cloudtrainer.co.uk. For queries about your user details or passwords please contact the relevant support team at Altius or SimpleCompliance.