CPD FOR SCHOOLS MADE EASY with Cloudtrainer’s

Create, Upload, Share and Track


Up to 50 users

£50/ per month + VAT

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Up to 200 users

£100/ per month + VAT

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 Course builder

Create your own quick, easy courses to share with your staff


Record all CPD in one place and prove receipt of learning credits and hours for accreditation

 Upload content

Know who’s watched and seen your content by uploading it to Cloudtrainer

 Learning management

Create and assign training schedules to your people

Automated alerts

Cloudtrainer alerts staff before qualifications expire

 Create learning plans

Create bundles of training requirements to more easily assign learning to your team

Powerful reporting

Dashboards and on-demand reports give information when you need it

 Permanent record

Upload certificates and other proof of competency into your profile

Cloudtrainer your learning machine

Cloudtrainer makes it easy to deliver CPD for teachers and school support staff by allowing you to create, upload and share instantly to the people that need it.

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 Log all training

Log all training, qualifications and memberships on your learning profile

 Structure your school

Add staff to teams and assign managers to organise learning

Book offline courses

Invite staff and manage attendance for all training online and classroom

 Access training

Access online courses for staff from Cloudtrainer

 Management access

Delegate responsibility for training compliance to managers

Brand it up!

Adjustable colour scheme and bespoke email templates

 Assess understanding

Use our question bank technology to fairly test how much your people understood

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We created this Education CPD solution for schools whao want to reduce the time and money spent on repeating training sessions.

It automatically tracks what CPD has been completed to save your staff further time and improve the effectiveness of your professional development programme.

More control for your staff

Allow your team to manage their own professional development around their other duties; giving them the freedom to learn at a time and place that suits them while giving them the ability to contribute content to the CPD programme.

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More than just CPD

Share best practice internally to improve teaching practice; whether it’s new theories around SEN practice to getting the most out of your G&T initiative, we make it easier for your staff to collaborate, engage and drive attainment.

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Share the load

Upload CPD sessions to the central library to share with other schools and instantly draw on resources from their shared content; giving you access to more CPD to improve teaching practice.

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Up to 50 users

£50/ per month + VAT

Up to 200 users

£100/ per month + VAT

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