Experience Professional Learning Management

Take the complexity out of growing your business

Make growth simple 

It’s easy with Cloudtrainer



£30/Month +VAT

Up to 50 People

All core features plus…

Permanent record: Upload certificates and other proof of competency into your profile

Structure your business: Add staff to teams and assign managers to organise learning

Learning Plans: Create as many bundles of requirements as you need to speed up your learning management process

Make it yours: Your logo on the LMS and emails issued to staff

Log CPD: Record all CPD in one place and prove receipt of learning credits and hours for accreditation

Management access: Delegate responsibility for training compliance to managers


Cloudtrainer is your learning machine

Your Cloudtrainer: Professional subscription allows you to add your own branding so the system can act as a seamless extension of your other business systems while the team management function allows you to mirror the structure of your business; delegating authority down to managers and allowing the right people to have the right information whenever they need it.

And our CPD functionality will help your employees to track their ongoing professional development; helping you to provide your clients with assurance that your people have the most up to date skills and learning in place to support them.

Cloudtrainer: Professional is just £30 per month for up to 50 people and with a 30 day free trial you can find out how Cloudtrainer can improve learning at your organisation with no risk and at no cost. Sign up to trial Cloudtrainer: Professional below or find out how Cloudtrainer: Premium could make L&D even easier for your business.


As your business grows and becomes more complex it can become difficult to keep track of who learned what and when. Add to that the need to track continuous professional development and provide assurance that staff have received regular internal training and refreshed their knowledge; it can quickly become a significant admin burden. Let the Cloudtrainer LMS become your learning machine and bring effective, learning management to your business.

Cloudtrainer: Professional builds on the features provided in Cloudtrainer: Core to make it easy and cost effective for you to manage learning across your organisation. Our system provides you with an always accessible place to store all proof of training; from third party certificates to self-certification Cloudtrainer makes it easy to store and access your information.