Experience the satisfaction in taking control of your business.  Best of all it’s completely free! 

It’s easy with Cloudtrainer’s Learning Management System





Up to 20 People

Effective learning management

Log all training: Log all training, qualifications and memberships on your learning profile

Learning management: Create and assign training schedules to your people

Learning Plans: Create, two bundles of training requirements to more easily assign learning to your team

Automated alerts: Cloudtrainer alerts staff before qualifications expire

Powerful reporting: Dashboards and on-demand reports give information when you need it

Buy training: Buy and assign health and safety courses for staff from Cloudtrainer


Cloudtrainer: Core – The free Learning Management System for small businesses

Managing learning and development information isn’t always top of the agenda so important things, like qualification expiries and certificates, can be missed. At Cloudtrainer, we saw the need for a simple system that works seamlessly in the background to deliver, organise and manage all your company’s training requirements, memberships and competencies for your people and provide them with a tool to manage their own learning information.

An instant snap shot of who’s up to date with all training requirements and an easy way to manage L&D for your people; Cloudtrainer is your virtual assistant for learning and will help you to understand who the right person is for a particular job, identify expertise for tender applications and to make sure, if you are audited, that you are fully up to date with all of your obligations under legislation.


Cloudtrainer: Core

Cloudtrainer: Core is your opportunity to see what a huge difference an effective learning management system can make to your organisation. With no obligation and no cost, you can organise your learning, see that all legislative requirements are up to date and ensure everyone has the training they need.

No longer will you need to check who has what and where the certificate or file is kept. If you are audited it’s all there, in one place and our learning management system makes learning easy. Cloudtrainer helps your people to take ownership of their own training and development so your business can run more smoothly and all the hassle of day to day training and development is made simple and easy; Allowing you to focus on running your business.

And if you need to do more or your business grows, Cloudtrainer: Professional offers a low cost way to bring more effective learning management within reach while Cloudtrainer: Premium brings all the features of a corporate LMS to any business without the crippling cost.