Case Study – M&S

Marks & Spencer identified in 2012 that they needed to have a more accurate view of the competency of the contractors and tradespeople who work on refurbishing their extensive store network in the UK. A key component of this was the need to assure themselves that people working on the stores had a thorough awareness of the general requirements governing areas that might contain asbestos and the Marks & Spencer policies that go beyond this minimum standard.

The Marks & Spencer’s team also recognised that classroom based training was too expensive, too time-consuming and would not give the right level of assurance over exactly what the contractors had taken on board. They required an alternative that would deliver the high quality training experience they needed while reducing the overall cost of compliance for their suppliers and all while integrating a recognised training standard in with their own policies.

Cloudtrainer introduced a 25% discount on the cost of training in 2014 for people undertaking a ‘refresher’ on the original course; further increasing the savings for Marks & Spencer’s supply chain and we have continued to develop and improve the course to further enhance learning outcomes for the workers undertaking the training.

Our online training course has been a genuine “win-win” for Marks & Spencer’s and their supply chain; helping to reduce the cost of training while improving the quality of outcomes and all while contributing to Marks & Spencer’s “Plan A” environmental commitments.

Delivering Change: Cloudtrainer were commissioned in February 2013 to develop a unique online training course; an asbestos awareness course that would measure and record contractor competency while testing that understanding using a powerful combination of video, information and interactive assessment.

The course needed to be developed quickly but deliver a high quality training experience that integrated directly into their “SimpleCompliance” database to make it possible for Marks & Spencer’s personnel to easily track compliance on every site.

Cloudtrainer stepped up to the challenge; building a training course that challenged trainees to prove their understanding while helping them to learn more, more quickly through our unique approach to training.

Our powerful learning management system has been putting trainees through their paces since May 2013 while providing Marks & Spencer’s staff with the management information they need to manage compliance in stores.

To keep the feel of TSG’s hands on method we decided to use an on screen presenter who would react to decisions the user made and effectively replicate the classroom experience. We also worked with TSG to establish the most important things for a first responder to remember, to know and to practice; giving us a starting point for the interactive tests, activities and assessments.

More than contractors have completed the Cloudtrainer Asbestos Awareness training course for Marks and Spencer’s to date delivering significant benefits to Marks & Spencer and their supply chain including:

  • Our standard training takes around 90 minutes to complete while the refresher version takes less than 30 minutes; saving more than 95,000 hours of worker productivity when compared to classroom training.
  • Our training is significantly cheaper to deliver than an equivalent classroom course. Using Cloudtrainer has saved the supply chain more than £2,100,000 in training costs alone.
  • Using Cloudtrainer saves around 18 metric tons of carbon every month through removing the need for transport to and from training courses.
  • Our course automatically updates on the trainee’s user record on SimpleCompliance; significantly reducing training admin and giving an ‘at a glance’ view of compliance.

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